There are a range of enterprises that the students work on as part of the curriculum and work experience. Below are some of the enterprises that students work in at college. Students learn a range of skills developing those skills related to the individual enterprises as well as transferring skills across both the internal enterprises, work experiences and external work experiences. 

There are a range of enterprise the students at The Park College work on as part of the curriculum. Below is some of the work the students have been involved in at college. 

The Park College Conference Centre

Students take part in the management of our events, hosting, hospitality and catering. Events are organised and catered for by The Coffee Shop team. They set up the room in either theatre style, board room, cabaret, banquet, u shape or classroom layout. 

They prepare and make the food and refreshments, welcome and look after delegates throughout their training, conference or meeting. Booking forms are available on request by contacting the catering team by email or phone using the details below. The conference centre is available Monday - Friday 8-5pm term time only.

Crafts & Card design

Students learn skills in a range of crafts which they sell in our café throughout the year and at our winter, spring and summer fairs. Some of the crafts they produce include the following: paintings, drawings, prints, printed bags, jewellery, terrariums, book marks, key rings, wreath making, up-cycling, candles, painted or mosaic plant pots, coasters, tea light holders, tie-dye t-shirts and a range of greeting cards. Work can be commissioned by on request. 

Soup making

Students help to plan the menu in weekly vegetarian soups made in our fantastic kitchen. The students prepare the fresh ingredients, some of which are sometimes taken from our vegetable garden. They produce large amounts to be sold as a special throughout the week in the café.


Students are developing a laundry service within the college. They learn and develop skills in washing, ironing and pressing. Staff and members of the public can make use of this valuable service. Please contact the college for details of this service. 


Students make a range of cakes, pastries and deserts which are sold in the cafe. They have also taken requests to bake cakes for special occasions such as birthdays. Please contact the college to request this service.

Costume hiring 

Students work in our costume rooms, learning a range of skills such as unpacking, sorting, cataloguing, repairing, mending, hand and machine sewing, laundry, steam cleaning, hand and machine washing of the clothes. They learn skills in renting out the costumes to local schools, colleges, theatre groups and individuals. Please see a oyster created by the students below advertising the costumes. 

The Park College
Bishops House
5 Kennington Park Place
SE11 4AS
Tel: 0207 735 4154
Email: office@theparkcollege.org

Historical and themed costumes for hire

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The Park College works with young adults with autism aged 19-25. One of the programs we run at college is bike maintenance. Students learn how to locate and repair punctures, check tyre pressure, examine the chain for wear using a chain tool and much more. Students will also learn how to thoroughly wash and clean a bike. The bike maintenance is now opening a bicycle repair service to the public. Different services will be available and the students will play a vital role with every job.

This is our price list:

Parts will be an additional cost.



Puncture Repair


Bike Wash


Deep Bike Wash


Maintenance Check


Tire Pressure & Pumping


Gear Tuning


Adjusting & Aligning Brake Pads


Chain Repair/Replace


Wheel/Spokes Tuning


Tyre Replacement


Cassette Replacement



Please contact the college for any enquires!

The Park College
Bishops House
5 Kennington Park Place
SE11 4AS
Tel: 0207 735 4154
Email: office@theparkcollege.org